MoveWell™ EMS Trainer - MoveWell™
MoveWell™ EMS Trainer - MoveWell™
MoveWell™ EMS Trainer - MoveWell™
MoveWell™ EMS Trainer - MoveWell™
MoveWell™ EMS Trainer - MoveWell™
MoveWell™ EMS Trainer - MoveWell™
MoveWell™ EMS Trainer - MoveWell™
MoveWell™ EMS Trainer - MoveWell™
MoveWell™ EMS Trainer - MoveWell™

MoveWell™ EMS Trainer

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✓ Tone, tighten and strengthen your body with 20 minutes a day!

✓ Ideal for working out with a busy schedule

✓ Add extra intensity to your workout

✓ Designed for abs, waist, arms, legs and buttocks

✓ Results in weeks or your money back!

      Get a quick and intense workout from the comfort of your own home! The MoveWell Abs Trainer uses proven EMS technology to stimulate and strengthen your muscles.

      It essentially provides an easy to use, mobile workout method which can deliver you fast results. Try it at home for 45 days, and if you don’t like it, return it for your money back. Guaranteed!

      How Does The EMS Trainer Works?

        Who Is It For?

        If you live a busy lifestyle, are recovering from an injury, or looking to add more intensity to your workouts then the MoveWell EMS Trainer is for you.

        It’s designed with many functions. You can have an intense workout in a short time frame to maximize your time, or you can use it at a low intensity to gently workout while recovering from an injury or get that little bit of extra exercise into your day.

        It’s the perfect tool for anyone starting on their fitness journey or looking to add an extra kick to their workouts!

        Why MoveWell?


        Q. How long does this product take to show results?

        A. If used at the right intensity you’ll likely wake up the next day with sore muscles feeling like you’ve had a workout. Most of our customers start to see physical results though in 2-4 weeks of regular use. They report their muscles are tighter, firmer, and more toned.

        Q. Will it help me to burn fat?

        A. Both research and customer experiences tell us time and time again that EMS training is an effective method of fat loss. When the electrical impulses stimulate your muscles to contract this places a higher demand on your body’s metabolism causing you to break down fat for energy. Be aware though that the EMS trainer is not a substitute for a good diet and it should be used in conjunction with a good diet to get the best results! Read more about its effects on fat loss at Scientific American- EMS Training.

        Q. Can I use the EMS trainer on other muscles on my body?

        A. Yes! The EMS trainer comes with gel pad attachments that can be stuck to any area of the body and we encourage people to move them around to different muscle groups to get a full-body workout.

        Q. Are EMS Trainers FDA approved?

        A. Yes, EMS Trainers are FDA 510K CLEARED: They are manufactured in a GMP FACILITY, FDA 510K, Class II CLEARED and CE APPROVED in EU and Health Canada.

        Q. How long does it take to ship?

        A. During this period of COVID-19 our shipping is 4-6 days within the USA via USPS, with most orders being delivered in around 4 days. Shipping to other parts of the world is 12-15 days.

         Money Back Guarantee

        We are perfectly confident that our EMS trainers will get you the best results that we want to provide you with a 100% Money Back Guaranteed.


        At MoveWell we're proud to offer FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY on all of our orders.

        Country Standard Delivery Time


        4-6 days

        Canada 6-8 days

        6-8 days

        Rest of world 10-15 days